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Glückhaus Game Board

This beautifully embroidered piece is painstakingly modeled after a 16th Century German board.* The game played on the board is called Glückhaus or House of Fortune. The design features traditional German figures including the Spieler (gamer) and König (king).
The board measures approximately 13 inches x 13 inches.
It can be rolled or folded for easy carrying.
After a weekend of dusty travel, just launder on the gentle cycle.
The board comes with a pair of wooden dice and the rules of the game. (Players supply the coin.)

*​Usually, these wooden boards were expensive and elaborately carved and painted works of art. Each square of the board contained a scene, and the rest of the board surrounding the squares was heavily illuminated.

Color & Blackwork​Glückhaus

Priced for the budget conscious, the color Glückhaus has the same designs as the Deluxe Glückhaus, but does not have the background designs and decorations.

The Blackwork Glückhaus maintains the "House" shape but has simpler designs.

Both still come with the rules and a set of wooden dice.

Ladies Pockets

These lovely, detailed detached pockets are traditionally worn under ladies skirts and fastened at the waist by ribbons. Embroidery can be colored, blackwork, whitework, gold or silver. All are based on existing designs, although your own custom design can be used. waist measurement and colors of embroidery, choice of fabric, trim and ribbons when ordering.


All our Backgammon boards include a storage pocket, dice and playing stones. Board is designed to roll closed and can be carried in belts, pouches and baskets. All boards are unique. Please include color preferences for fabric with your order.

Royal Game of Ur

T​he Royal Game of Ur, also known as the Game of Twenty Squares, refers to two game boards found in the Royal Tombs of Ur in Iraq by Sir Leonard Woolley in the 1920s. The two boards date from the First Dynasty of Ur, before 2600 BC, thus making the Royal Game of Ur probably the oldest set of board gaming equipment ever found. The game is still played in Iraq. Our board is based on the one exhibited in the collections of the British Museum in London.


Fidchell or gwyddbwyll is mentioned often in ancient Celtic legends and lore. Fidchell, as described in the legends, often has a mystical or divinatory aspect to it. Battles ebb and flow as a result of the ebb and flow of a game of fidchell, games play themselves, great events are decided on the outcome of a fidchell match. ​The name in both Irish and Welsh is a compound translating to "wood sense"; the fact that the compound is identical in both languages suggests that the name is of extreme antiquity. 

You may want to include fabric & color preferences, quantities, and date needed when appropriate. 

When ordering apparel, we will contact you for a list of measurements. 

Embroidered game board fabric is based on your color preferences and what fabric is in stock at the time.

These are a selection of the badges we've created. ​A badge is a device or emblem worn as an insignia of rank, office, or membership in an organization. In the Medieval and Renaissance periods, badges were worn as part of or in place of house livery. Don't see the badge you need? Contact us - we can create badges to your specifications.
Badges represented here are purely for entertainment purposes and do not entitle the wearer/bearer to any rank or honor.


We have Tudor Roses, Tudor Rose & Crowns, as well as white (York) and red (Lancaster) roses in three sizes.

All badges are sewn on black felt for easy applique.

Banners and Flags

Design your own or request historic banners or flags. We've made fantasy and historic banners and flags of all shapes and sizes for weddings, reenactors, wall hangings, Scottish Clan banners, and even corporate events. 

Prices start at $250.00 (based on banner measuring approximately 20-inches wide and 3-foot long, with 3-4 small graphics). Actual pricing is based on design size and detail, fabric choice, and other add-in items such as fringe. 

Create your own Coat of Arms

To create your Fantasy Arms, care is taken to hold true to Heraldic conventions regarding tinctures, metals and furs while still expressing your personal creativity. All designs are for entertainment only.