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This page contains answers to common questions, along with some tips that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

  1. How do I order a banner or flag ?
  2. Why doesn't anyone answer the telephone ?

How do I order a banner or flag ?

Thank you for your interest in our banners and flags. It is our policy to work with each individual to make sure the banner is exactly what you want. Past customers include vendors at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Nordstrom, various colleges, Scottish American Clan members, reenactors, and several weddings.

The base price for our custom banners is $250.00. This is modified by fabric choice, size and/or detail of the design, trims, and other options. For example, velvet, bouillon trim, and/or a custom stand will all increase the cost. There are truly no limitations to what we can create.

Please note that the breakdown in cost allows for elimination or modification of included items. In other words, everything is optional and we can scale the size of the banner to your specifications. A standard banner is approximately twenty (20) inches wide and three (3) feet (36 inches) long.

All designs are created in house to the customer's specifications. Banners are individually hand cut, machine stitched, and hand stitched. Standard banners are single-sided with a black back.

Due to the time and effort involved with custom embroidery designs, before producing a proof we require a minimum good faith, non-returnable deposit of $50 or 50% of estimated cost, whichever is less. At that point a digital proof will be developed and sent with the firm total price. Once the design is approved, a minimum 50% payment (less the deposit) is required to complete the work. The remaining 50% will be due on completion. Payments can be made via PayPal or via check through US Mail.

Feel free to review some of my recent projects at:


Please contact us at sales@wyvernproductions.com with any questions. We look forward to working with you.


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Why doesn't anyone answer the telephone ?

During business hours (and sometimes after hours), there is a good chance the embroidery machine is running. This is a very noisy machine, and I wear ear plugs to protect my hearing. So if you don't get an answer, feel free to drop me an E-mail. Your answer may not be instantaneous, but it will allow you to continue with your day while you wait.

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* Custom means that while we may list prices on some items, we ask that for most items you contact us directly before placing your order so that we may accommodate all your expectations. 
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