Banners and Flags

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Banners and Flags

Design your own heraldry, promote your business, or signify a special event. Wyvern Productions offers fully customized and embroidered banners for any event or occasion. Custom banners, pennants, flags and standards are designed to your specifications.  Take a look at our Scottish Clan Banners, too!

To order your custom banner, please contact us for a quote. Include the quantity of banners, size of banners, fabric preferences and colors, whether the banner will be used indoors or out, text and graphics. 

Corporate Banners

Add a touch of class to corporate halls, celebrate a grand opening in style. Display your corporate identity with a custom banner. 


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Wedding Banners

For the crowning touch to a wedding, order banners for the bride & groom or the entire wedding party. Designs range from fantasy to heraldic, and banners are suitable for any wedding style.


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Historic Banners and Flags


A gonfalon (or gonfalone) is a banner suspended from a crossbar, often with several streamers or tails. The designs below are only a few of the possibilities.


Battle Flags

Battle standards and have been used as a simple means of identification for thousands of years. An easily recognized symbol, banners and flags were used as a rallying point in time of battle or to identify the location of the group within the camp. One of the most striking visual aspects of the Roman army were the standards, tall poles topped with various insignia and symbols, including many types of animals. Over the centuries, the Roman poles developed into banners and pennants of the Medieval knights, and later into the military flags used in the late Medieval, Renaissance and Napoleonic eras. Even today, the Colors so revered by every army battalion are items of great pride and lifelong honor.

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How to Order

Prices start at $250.00 (based on banner measuring approximately 20-inches wide and 3-foot long, with 3-4 small graphics). Actual pricing is based on design size and detail, fabric choice, and other add-in items such as fringe. 

It is our policy to work with each individual to make sure the banner is exactly what you want. Past customers include vendors at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Nordstrom, various colleges, Scottish American Clan members, reenactors, and several weddings.

The base price for our custom banners is $250.00. This is modified by fabric choice, size and/or detail of the design, trims, and other options. For example, velvet, bouillon trim, and/or a custom stand will all increase the cost. There are truly no limitations to what we can create.

We can scale the size of the banner to your specifications. A standard banner is approximately twenty (20) inches wide and three (3) feet (36 inches) long.

All designs are created in house to the customer's specifications. Banners are individually hand cut, machine stitched, and hand stitched. Standard banners are single-sided with a black back.

Due to the time and effort involved with custom embroidery designs, before producing a proof we require a minimum good faith, non-returnable deposit of $50 or 50% of estimated cost, whichever is less. At that point a digital proof will be developed and sent with the firm total price. Once the design is approved, a minimum 50% payment (less the deposit) is required to complete the work. The remaining 50% will be due on completion. Payments can be made via PayPal or via check through US Mail.

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* Custom means that while we may list prices on some items, we ask that for most items you contact us directly before placing your order so that we may accommodate all your expectations. 
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